Birthday Party

Birthday Party

We know every parent wants to make sure there children have the best memories in life so why not try a Virtual Reality experience for there birthday party!

Our team can set up our packages in the comfort of your home or we can set up in a venue of your choice! This includes function rooms, event halls, school party spaces and pretty much anywhere that is covered from rain, has electricity and has a space measuring 3×3 metres!

We offer a great selection a standard games/experiences with our packages! And because we know how children can be fussy our team can add extra games/experiences to suit there needs for an extra fee.

birthday party

Next Dimension VR are now proud to offer the race car competition party package! Which includes full competition style tournament and medal for the winning driver! Compared to normal birthday parties we know this will put a smile on there faces from start to finish!

birthday party race

birthday party winner

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